Hello and Welcome to Our WEB STARTER PACK


    Every new business needs a fab logo that shouts to the world just how blooming great you are.

    We’ll get together and look through a bunch of examples; this will give us an idea as to what kind of personality your business and logo will have. We then go away sharpen our pencils, stick out our thinking tongues and come up with 3 new logo ideas for you to look at.  You then tell us which one you like, we make any changes needed and then give you a copy of your logo on disc.  This is special because it means you can take that disc and have anything you can dream of made up, everything from mouse mats to company Y-Fronts.


    Now that we have the logo sorted we need to get you some stationary designed.

    With this package you’ll get: LETTERHEAD + BUSNESS CARD + COMP SLIP.

    Again we’ll look through what’s trendy and hip and find a design that suits your logo. We’ll go off again and get these designed.  If needs be we can also arrange printing for you (at an extra cost).

    How easy is that!


    Next we’ll move onto the website. We’ll start by getting your website name (for example www.twda.co.uk) we’ll then set you up with a new company email address (ex. info@twda.co.uk), in fact we’ll give you 3 email accounts if you need them.

    We then go off set up your hosting (kind of like getting a parking space on the web for your new site) and do all the geeky stuff that would bore you silly.You tell us what you want to say on the site, this normally breaks down to:


    Your new site will have a built in blog which helps get lots of people looking at your site and score some brownie points with Google.  Plus your new site will be updatable: we’ll give you a training session to show you how to log in and change details on your site as and when you need them changing. We’ll also hook you up to Google Analytics so you can check your traffic stats and see how many people are looking at your site and where in the world they come from – this helps to show you popular pages etc so you can start analysing your business.

If you’re interested in this startup package why not come round and have a coffee?

We Have Many Happy Clients…

Many of our customers have commented on how professional the website looks. We owe a lot to TWDA for the new business the website has given us. Our site is user-friendly and all the information displayed is clear for customers to see.

I am very grateful for all the advice and guidance that TWDA has given me over the past 2 years, and would thoroughly recommend his services. Thank you!

Terry has designed several of my websites so far and He has done a marvellous job.

I love the passion and energy he puts into each project which makes each one unique and stand out.