Playing with Limited Colour & Simple Line

I’ve read a bunch of posts and watched TED videos which all talk about the need to dedicate time for pursuing your own creative art needs.

So I’ve cleared my calendar for a few hours, closed my inbox and settled down for some private time with just me and Photoshop.

Whilst mooching around Pinterest I was drawn to the work of Natasha Law (you may have heard of her rather famous brother, Jude Law).

Immediately 2 things pop into my head:

1. I like that!
2. I wanna do that!

Kate on the Beach : Photoshop

So I dig through some old photos and find one of my eldest daughter Kate.
kateIt’s a quick snap of her laughing her socks off whilst we were splashing around on the beach last year.

I searched through dozens and this one just felt right, lovely emotion and the profile would be easy to capture using just simple lines.

Next up I start over drawing the photo using my Cintique.  The hardest part is not over doing the amount of detail in the drawing.

In the original photo Kate’s swimming costume has flower patterns and in the background there is the shore lines and buildings. I knew from the start I wasn’t going to include these but I drew them in nonetheless then ended up removing them again.

Using the lasso tool I simply start to block out areas of colour, then moving onto a new layer and adding some of the stripes onto her waist area.

The final result is just great, simple, cool and definitely a style I’ll be exploring in the near future.

If you would like something similar creating from one of your photos just drop me an email and we’ll see if we can work something out.