Bell & Walsh Goes Live!

Bell & Walsh

After a couple of years in the making Bell and Walsh is now ready to take orders.

The website offer’s personalised gifts for baby Christenings and New Borns.  It’s the hard work of my very clever wife Sarah. I think she describes it better than I could:

Starting my own business and designing personalised art work wasn’t something I had initially planned to do. Although I’ve always loved being creative and looking back at my childhood, the seeds of creativity and working for myself were planted at an early age.

My parents were dairy farmers so were self-employed and both have oodles of creativity.  So perhaps it was only a matter of time although I didn’t start that way…

I had a completely different career path as an Academic Researcher. For my first job I moved to Birmingham and as I didn’t know anyone, went with colleagues to a local pub quiz, where I met my future husband Terry.  My dodgy knowledge and love of 70’s music didn’t deter him and after 2 years, I managed to persuade him to move back to my rural home in Northumberland.  A house, 2 cats, marriage and 2 children later, I started rethinking my career choice.

Terry was and still is a multi-media designer and has ran his own design company since 2000.  With his encouragement, I made our first Framed Name for my daughter to commemorate her birth.  Friends and family were impressed and so I made a few and took them along to a local craft fair and it all took off from there.

The new site offers 20 designs, all the old favourites are there as well as some new designs also.

Have a quick look and see what you think.